Saturday 18th May| 08:00

Adult Solo (age 18+): £77.50 

Junior Solo (age 15-17): £37.50 

Adult Relay (age 18+): £97.50

Price includes all three days of Festival: access to Big Top live music, daytime speaker sessions, and activities


Sprint Triathlon

400m Swim, 18km Cycle and 5km Trail Run

In order to create one of the most thrilling triathlons in the country we have devised an exciting route for the Aquasphere Sprint Triathlon event.

The short route, whilst less technical than some, has some challenging ascents, descents and features on open roads which are narrow in parts. Solo and relay options both available.

We advise only riders who are confident in their use of TT bars and aero bars on the open road use them for this event.

Juniors aged 15 – 17 may take part in this event with parental permission.


Download Swim GPX file here > 

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Swim Map

Run Map

Bike Map

What’s Included

  • Free photograph
  • Electronic chip timing
  • KMF swim hat
  • Event t-shirt (unless you choose to donate cost of T Shirt to National Trust instead)
  • Hydration will be provided.
  • Your sports entry includes access to Big Top Live Music, daytime Tent Talks, and all activities ALL WEEKEND (Friday to Sunday)

event location

The Festival Village is located adjacent to The Theatre By The Lake close to Derwentwater.

Address: Lakeside
CA12 5DJ

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Water Quality

Derwentwater has a history of Blue Green Algae presence in the water and over the past few years,  with warmer winters, the bacteria which causes this is not always killed off over the winter months. It is therefore possible for blooms to occur as the temperatures rise in the Spring. (Many of you will remember that in 2019 the Keswick Mountain Festival swims were cancelled due to very late blooming of the algae. This is something we do not wish to see repeated.) We work closely with National Trust and the Environment Agency who help us to monitor the water in the run up to the Festival and inform us of any potential blooms.

Blue Green Algae is present in many water courses and not all forms are toxic. The greatest risks of a toxic algae are for animals and young children who drink water containing the algae and, in the case of dogs in particular, may pick up algae on their coats and then lick their coat, thereby consuming even more.

Blue Green Algae forms as a localised bloom, meaning that large parts of the lake can be unaffected even if it is present in some areas. Even when present, it is entirely possible to swim in Derwentwater without ever coming into contact with the algae.

What do we do if there is blue green algae in the water at the time of the Festival?

We will test the water, with support from the Environment Agency, in advance of the Festival and we will identify and monitor where the blooms are. If we find there are blooms of Algae in the water we will conduct a full analysis and amend courses if needed, so we are satisfied that the routes used in the KMF swims and the triathlons are safe for swimming.


What is Bio Security?
Biosecurity means taking action in order to minimise the introduction or spread of invasive non-native species (INNS) and diseases.

Why should we worry?
The freshwater resources of Cumbria – its many tarns, lakes, rivers and becks – are of great ecological and economic significance. We love spending time in and on them so protecting them is something we all need to take responsibility for. Freshwater INNS are able to ‘hitchhike’ on our equipment, footwear, clothing and boats. When we move to a new river, tarn or lake, a species may be transferred and may become established, often having devastating effects.

What can we do to help?
As keen outdoor and sports enthusiasts we all need to help protect the landscapes we love. The bio security at the Festival will involve just a little extra cooperation and organisation. You will be required to ensure that your wetsuit is clean and dry before you arrive and that it is cleaned before you leave. The purpose of this is to do our bit to try and stop the spread of invasive aquatic species.

The Race Process

You will ensure that all equipment to be taken into the water is clean and dry before you arrive on the race morning.

After the race and before removing anything else from the transition area, go to the washing point with your wetsuit, goggles, swim cap etc, and your race number.

Check your equipment for obvious vegetation or other aquatic life and remove anything found. Wash all above mentioned equipment in the fresh water and tubs provided.

Once done to their satisfaction, a steward will mark your race number to indicate that your equipment has been cleaned. When you later leave the transition area with all of your other equipment show your appropriately marked race number to the transition exit steward who will check it against your bike number tag in the normal way.

Compliance with this process is essential to ensure that we are able to pursue our sport in such beautiful surroundings. For more information on the issues please visit

Athlete guide

Your athlete guide has now been emailed to you and is also available to download here.

KMF2024 Aquasphere Triathlons Athlete Guide

Please make sure you read this prior to coming to the event, it will answer most if not all of your questions.

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Open and Female Overall.  We will also award 1st Place Open and Female prizes for Junior (under 18), Senior (18-39), Vet (40-49), Super Vet (50-59), & Vintage (60+) Ages will be as at 31/12/24.

KMF Triathlons are not officially registered with British Triathlon. However, for insurance purposes we do operate the events using their race rules.  Under these rules the water temperature must be 14oC before wetsuits become optional, you are required to abide by these rules, which can be viewed here.

We welcome all outdoor sport enthusiasts to Keswick Mountain Festival and want to make the event as inclusive as possible. The document (link below for download) aims to give you all the information you need to allow you to make a decision about visiting the Festival and entering one of the events. Everyone has their own needs for information, so please contact us to discuss how we can support you in your chosen sport. Please email as soon as possible.

KMF has a dedicated Accessibility Zone with various exhibitors and sports providers. Please visit our accessible page on the website to see what’s on and to book onto the dedicated accessible activities

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Check out Accessibility Zone Page on website > 

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