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Daytime Tent Talk

15:00 - 16.00

Chrissie Wellington Park Run

From Ironman to Wellness: Chrissie Wellington’s Journey to Ignite Health and Happiness Through Physical Activity.

Jointhe legendary Chrissie Wellington who will share her transformative journey from conquering Ironman triathlons to dedicating her passion to improving individual and population health.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Chrissie will explore her role as a catalyst for positive change, emphasizing the incredible benefits of physical activity on both individual and community well-being. Drawing from her experiences as a four-time World Ironman Champion, she will reflect on the shift in focus towards fostering inclusivity, encouraging people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to embrace the joy of movement. Chrissie will delve into her commitment to Parkrun, a global phenomenon that has redefined the concept of community fitness and share her insights to increase participation in physical activity and create a ripple effect of wellness across diverse populations.

Places will be limited by the venue capacity.

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